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Traffic & Weather Informations for Europe
East Europe, Balticum and the Balkans are still in work...

A service for you:
you are with your truck on the road in a forreign country and need infomations about the actually
traffic and weather situation.

Here you'll find  informations of all eurpoean countries - on one site, without a long google session.


Scandinavia [Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark]
Traffic              Traffic               Traffic              Traffic
Weather          Weather            Weather          Weather

Middle Europe [Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Italy]

Traffic              Traffic              Traffic                Traffic             Traffic    
Weather          Weather           Weather            Weather         Weather


BeNeLux and France [Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France]

Traffic             Traffic               Traffic              Traffic               
Weather         Weather            Weather          Weather           

British Islands [UK, Ireland]

Traffic               Traffic             
Weather           Weather          

Iberian Peninsula [Portugal, Spain, Andorra]

Traffic             Traffic              Traffic
Weather         Weather          Weather

East Europe [Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia]

Traffic             Traffic               Traffic              Traffic              Traffic
Weather         Weather           Weather           Weather          Weather

Balticum [Lithiania, Latvia, Estonia, Belarus]

Traffic             Traffic               Traffic              Traffic
Weather         Weather           Weather

the Balkans [Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia - Herzegovina, Serbia, Macadonia, Montenegro,
Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece]

Traffic              Traffic              Traffic              Traffic               Traffic                            
Weather          Weather          Weather           Weather           Weather                    

Traffic             Traffic               Traffic              Traffic               Traffic
Weather         Weather            Weather          Weather           Weather